Our Facilities


MAC takes pride on its resourceful, well-furnished and ventilated library with adequate books on science and management. It is equipped with daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and reference materials to enhance real learning through self study.

Computer Lab

The campus boasts of a well-equipped computer laboratory where students can reach the required references and resources through Internet round the clock.


Well- equipped Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology and Computer Laboratories have been set up in order to enhance experiments and practical tasks as due attention is laid on practical education at MAC.


“Learning by seeing”. The campus organizes educational excursion to enrich practical studies. We believe, it provides the students with the opportunity to experience real life situations in the different parts.


The campus has managed comfortable Vehicles for the students as a transportation facility, available in all the places of Pokhara Sub-metropolis, Lekhnath Municipality and VDCs (Hemja, Lamachour, Armala)


A cafeteria serving the basic varieties of refreshment has been managed inside the campus premises. It serves fresh hygienic foods at reasonable price.

Sports/Co-curricular Activities

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy varieties of sports at the campus owned volleyball and basketball courts. Students are provided with badminton and table tennis facilities as well. We organize “Annual Sports Meet” to enhance sports potentialities among the students. We equally encourage our students to participate in the Inter college sport events. We equally organize different curricular activities: debate, quiz contest, Poetry symposium, creative writing competition etc in order to explore hidden talents among our students.

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